Our Story

A fairy tale in Tuscany

Ours is a beautiful tale: boy meets girl, boy and girl meet a vineyard in Tuscany and everyone lives happily ever after…

We are Paari and Niall, we met in Dubai, where we were partners in an international law firm. We have always been great lovers of Italy and spent most of our sabbatical here in 2017. For our legal careers it was a big mistake, for our lives the best choice we ever made.

The Tuscan Dream

It was impossible to forget the natural beauty, the history, the food and the wine. We have met people who do not live by work alone, who know how to live life, who know how to appreciate… We were enchanted….
We still did not know what awaited us: the bureaucracy, the difficulties, the hard work and above all the Italian congiuntivo!

Three years later, in the midst of the pandemic, we decided to give up the bright lights of Dubai and move to Italy, to Tuscany and precisely to Montepulciano.

We have found friends, we have become part of a community that has welcomed us with open arms, we have rediscovered the pleasure of living, love for nature and given a new meaning to our lives.

For a behind-the-scenes look at life in Italy, follow our personal blog – ‘From Corporate To Vino‘!

We can’t wait to share all this, our property and our wine with all of you!